Life goes by way too quickly and we can easily forget the little things that make us smile or the people who make us laugh

Photography has become a huge part of my life and I believe it should be a big part of everyone’s life. Photos help remind us visually of how lucky we are to be here and how blessed we are to have people around, who love and care for us.

At Kylie Gillis Photography we specialise in capturing families of all shapes and sizes, at all stages

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


He has been dubbed 'the coolest cat on Clayton Street' by his owner but some might say not only Clayton Street but all of Brisbane!!  This is Kramer and he is one Kool-Kat.  He must be going on 8 years now and I first met him late one cold night, nearly 8 years ago now when I pulled him from a drain in the street, near where I lived.  He was so little he could barely walk and he had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen.  Even tho I had a dog at the time, I took this poor little kitten home and created him a home until I could find him a permanent place to live.  One look from his owner Dennis and he was hooked and today, Dennis and Kramer still live a happy little life at Sandgate. 

They say you are either a dog person or a cat person primarily and I am dog through and through but this little ginger bundle still holds a special place within me and whats totally cool about him is he remembers me and always says hello when I see him.  Kramers personality is that of your typical house cat.... he is stubborn, he is rude and he can be grumpy but will always come and say hello if I pop in which is a rarity and saved for only a special few.  Kinda makes me feel a bit special :)

He wasn't that impressed to be having his photos taken and we took some both at night and during the day hoping to find his good mood..... judge for yourself but you can't deny he is a gorgeous old cat.

(:   KRAMER  :)

Obviously..... its a tough life......

I love the look on his face in the right one.... bit cheeky :)

This is probably my favourite shot, the stalking lion.  It looks awesome in B&W too.

This is Mr Handsome

 This is Mr Stubborn - I think he was facing that way for a while and when 'he' was ready, he looked towards me.  Such a funny boy!

Thanks buddy!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A day at the beach with Skye

We all know this little face, it has been photographed, blogged and face booked so many times, she's a little celebrity in her own right!!  Of course, I speak of Skye, my adorable, entertaining, photogenic, curly haired god-daughter.  I go to babysit her for a whole night a few weeks back and I decided to make sure she was tired and would sleep through the whole night without mummy home, I would take her to the beach and build sand castles and collect shells.  When we got to our first stop, not only was it "not the place that mummy takes me", it didn't have any shells and the sand was dirty and fill or bits of tree and bark and stuff.  So we packed up and went to Shelly Beach on the Sunshine Coast (surely the name wouldn't lie).  Thankfully to to Skye's delight, the beach was littered with shells.  So we strolled the beach looking at and collecting shells and rocks and stopping occasionally to have a few photos.

Littered I tell you :)

Such a pleasure to photograph and always so incredibly gorgeous

 :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)  :)

All too proud of herself here

Looking more grown up every time I see her

I think this is my favourite, such a poser with her wind swept hair....... love her to bits!!!

This was the following morning while I painted her finger nails and toe nails.  I just love her beautiful long eyelashes and huge big eyes. 

She will be five this year and I can't wait to see her turn into a real little girl xx

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mr Archer and his delightful family :)

Meet Archer - one of the cutest little newborns I've ever seen with the cutest blonde, spiky hair!!  He is second bubba to Helen and James and little brother to Mia, from the last maternity shoot I did.  We had a wonderful time getting shots of Archer and then with his big sister.  Thankfully, we had G'ma and G'pa on hand to help out with the kids and keep Mia entertained while we concentrated on Mr Handsome..... little Archer Stuart.......

Big eyes taking everything in...... but wasn't long until he dozed off......

I love this little hat with its bright colours and long tail....

Always love to get a smile..... even if it is a wind smile :)

Again with the B&W close up but I do totally love them and think everyone should have one :)

Thought this was a bit cute but not as cute as.......

I loved this frame of Helen's and we had seen something similar done by another photographer (similar but very different) and we were both thrilled with the end result :)

These were suitcases Helen has displayed in her lounge room.  I couldn't help myself and had to pop him up on top.  Apparently, husband James can't stand the suitcases so even thought both Helen and I loved this, I'm pretty sure James will hate it still hehe :)

Now normally when it comes to attempting photos of a newborn together with a 3 year old would be most photographers nightmare ( and mine too normally), Mia was an absolute angel.  I had a print out of ideas I wanted to try and when I showed Mia, she picked similar to this one out and stayed perfectly still and was awesome the whole time!! 

When we had finished this pose and were ready to move on, once again, Mia and I consulted the print out and she choose this pose.  Again, she was perfect the whole time.  These are definitely my favourite ones of the kids together :)


 And to me delight, did the same for one more pose..... angel...... total angel :)

We did manage to get a few of the clan all together even though Archer had just about had enough photos for one day.

Thanks again to the wonderfully photogenic Greenfield family and I hope you are as happy with everything as I am. 

Take care xx

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spirit House

It's amazing what hidden treasures one can find if they open their eyes!!  These photos were taken at the Spirit Garden at Yandina on the Sunshine Coast.  It is a beautiful restaurant as well as a venue for Thai cooking classes.  On a recent trip with a friend for cooking supplies, I took the chance to take a few photos of the gorgeous grounds.

Obviously these aren't shots of the restaurant grounds but a couple I snapped while inside.  These beautiful stones are called Kissi Stones and are made in Kenya and considered good luck gifts. The colours were gorgeous and the carvings were really pretty.

This is a shot of the bowl of soaps - the smells were amazing!

Cute little waterfall in the middle of the walkway

Loved this little guy hiding right up on the back fence - almost didn't see him...

Part of the restaurant with the outdoor seating area

I loved all these little palaces scattered throughout the gardens.  So much detail on something so small - its not even big enough to house a mouse!!

Loved every minute walking around the ground.  After the Spirit House, we went and had some lunch at the nearby Ginger Factory and I managed to get a couple shots of the old scales before the sky's opened and I was forced to put away and protect my camera. 

I loved the colours of the scales and the gorgeous greenery behind.

Had a nice, wet day seeing hidden parts of the Sunshine Coast I'd not seen before.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

.....And *bump* will make four!!

I have had the pleasure of photographing this family last year and was thrilled to again, this time with a big baby belly.  We also had gorgeous little Mia along with glowing mum Helen and proud dad James.  We haded to the beach for some shots and were lucky to find it completely vacant, just for us.  It was a very windy afternoon and Helen short hair made a sticky up appearance here and there but all is all, we were so happy with all the shots we got, the beautiful colours in the rocks especially and the crashing water.

We started at home with a few belly shots and this first one is probably one of my stand outs for the day, I loved the colours, the earrings and Helen's expression (I think I told her I wasn't shooting her face and didn't intend to but when I was looking through my photos at home, I couldn't help but stop and love this one).

LOVED loved loved the gorgeous colours of the rocks and especially teamed with purple

After the beach we went searching for a nice field.  As we were driving away from the beach, we were driving into black storm clouds that was rapidly taking our sunshine.  By the time we got to our location, the sun had completely disappeared behind the big cloud.  We still managed to get some lovely shots in the grassy fields, even without the sun glare we were chasing.

Giving her little brother a cuddle....... awwwwwww :)

I totally loved these family shots through the frame - just a bit of fun :)

We were packing up after this last shot and discussing when we will get together again when all of a sudden, the sun peaked its way through the dark clouds and gave us the most gorgeous light.  Even though my camera and everything was all packed back into the car and we were about to part ways, I had to get just a couple shots and what a couple of shots they were.... couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

Loved it all!!!

Thanks so much guys for letting me share this time and little Archers first photo shoot (coming shortly).



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