Life goes by way too quickly and we can easily forget the little things that make us smile or the people who make us laugh

Photography has become a huge part of my life and I believe it should be a big part of everyone’s life. Photos help remind us visually of how lucky we are to be here and how blessed we are to have people around, who love and care for us.

At Kylie Gillis Photography we specialise in capturing families of all shapes and sizes, at all stages

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* even pets
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We prefer to shoot in the comfort and convenience of your home to help make it easy and help keep the children and animals, relaxed and secure. However we are available for travel to a pre discussed location to capture your family in other familiar surroundings.

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to meeting and photographing you, your family and pets, your engagement and wedding, your pregnancy, your birthday party, your modeling portfolio, or any other event……. If you want it photographed, we’ll shoot it!!

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Friday, July 29, 2011

WEEK 29 - Fun Foto Friday

I have previously posted about this sweet little dog but I went and paid her a visit during the week and with a ball and a pocket of treats, Abbey let me take her pictures again.  She will be 11 years old in November but she is still the playful little puppy she's always been.  I tell you what though.... she is incredibly stubborn when it comes to dropping the ball so the game of fetch can continue - a concept I thought she'd be well aware of by now.... cheeky little tart.... hehe....  :)  She would hang on to it nice and tight in her mouth and then be jumping up as if to being 'giving' it to you and bark and growl but wouldn't give it up!!  Then, she'd keep barking and growling and jumping and pretty much be saying "Here take it, just take it take it TAKE IT....... do you want the ball??"  Cheeky little tart alright.... but ever so cute :) 

Abbiy used to be my dog Billie, his girlfriend so I've known her for a long time now, about 8 years and she was so happy to see as I was her and I got so much love from her when I got there, one can't help but smile and shower her with just as much love.  Her mum has been in the hospital this week but will be home today so I'm sure she will be thrilled to have mum home and be able to shower Ann with love and lots of kisses. 

Take care Ann and quick recovery xx

I will share more shots of this sweet thing through the week and you can see her a couple of her photos from last year here

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Everyone's Favourite Little Girl :)

My favourite model was due for her photos again and I couldn't wait.  Skye is my adorable god-daughter who will be 4 very soon..... already!!!  We set out one afternoon for some fun in the park, playing dress ups and having some photos taken.  We even had happy, funny Aunty Laina along to help in the giggle department.  It was all a good idea in theory but from the start, we knew it wasn't going to be easy.  Firstly, Skye hadn't had a sleep that day but had been to swimming in the morning so the chances of a tantrum were looking to be high as she was most likely exhausted.  Then, on our way to the location, we got stuck in peak hour afternoon traffic and were starting much later than I'd hoped.  Then, once we walked for ages to where I wanted to set up (because silly Kylie parked too far away from the entrance but wasn't getting back into the traffic to get about 100m up the road) only to find the place was swarming with mossies and no one had any repellant!! 

Honestly though, even after that clumsy start to our shoot, I managed to get some fantastic shots that I absolutely love, some that didn't work at all but all in all, Skye was a tremendous subject with no whinging and whining and had a great time having her photos done!!!  (She told her mum first thing in the morning).  And top job to mum Shelley who went across the road to the servo and got the Rid.... top job indeed :)

I just adore this little red chair and had this idea for a shot and this excelled everything I wanted.  It's exactly how I wanted it but she added her own flavour and totally owned this shot.  We might just have a little model on our hands here!!!!

This is Shelley's favourite I think and in my top 3 for sure..... those big, sparkley, brown eyes just pulls at the heart strings!!!!!! :):):)

This is princess Skye wearing her flower girl dress for what will most likely be the last time.. but she definitely enjoyed being a princess :)

Little Miss giving us some of her best Saturday morning dance moves!!
Can anyone say poser???!!!

I love this cheeky shot and she really liked the lanterns :)

Again, those eyes!!  She was such a good sport, we gave her this lollypop for a quick series of photos and then took it off her.  She didn't even bat an eyelid which was totally unexpected for the 3 year old but she was really ok with it and then after dinner (we got to hang out together for the night too....*insert smiley face*) she remembered and asked for it but I gave her one that was about 1/15 the size and she was more than happy with it and gobbled it down.  I was so surprised, she was just such a good girl and fully toilet trained which was an absolute blessing!!  hehehe :)

Thanks Shelley and thanks Skye and special thanks to Aunty Laina.  It was a super afternoon and even though the mossies won in the end, we'll do it all again soon!!!


Friday, July 22, 2011

FUN FOTO FRIDAY - Week 27 and 28

I'm am so incredibley slack some times and have only just realised that I didn't post last weeks Fun Foto Friday.  I managed to post on my FaceBook page but not here for some reason...... but never mind, because this week we get to double up!!

Week 27

I've been busy making my own photography props for my little girl clients.  I was struggling to find headbands that I liked (and that I could afford) so decided to start making my own.  Well, all I can say is that I've created a monster!!  I can't seem to stop making them now!!  I've got so many that I've dedcided to start selling some on Etsy and on  These are a few that I've put together.....

I have headbands for newborns up to adults!!
Week 28

Last weekend my good friend Renee Skewis (of Renee Skewis Photograhy) let me tag along to a maternity shoot with her.  They were a super lovely family.  We did some great shots of Danielle with her gorgeaous tummy, with proud dad Damien and then with the kids for a family shot.  I was really happy with the few that I got and especially loved the first one with Nick laughing his head off (that was how the afternoon was.... lots of laughs but a few tears too!).

Thanks to everyone for letting me take a few snaps and can't wait to meet your new little man :)

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Family Beach Fun

I really get to meet some lovely people in my job and the Greenfields were no exception.  I went to high school with Helen, who organised a shoot, with her inlaws visiting for easter from overseas.  I hadn't seen Helen in like 8 years but managed to bump into her, that morning, in Brisbane, before I was due to head off to the Sunshine Coast to meet her on the beach at Coolum........ it really is a small world!!  I met her hubby James and adorable daughter Mia who was so very very cute and had the biggest blue eyes ever!!
I loved this shot of the 3 of them together.

I also met her father in law Greg, his new bride Indi and her son KhayaIndi had the best laugh slash giggle..... one of those that you can't help but smile along with!!

These are the newly weds, all loved up and both obviously so happy together.

James sister Nikki was also there from NZ and little Mia absolutley adored her Aunt.  These are just the girls together and probably some of my favourite shots from the day.  I love the colours in the trees and rocks in the background.

And the boys together...

But the main objective of the day was to capture the family all together.
They were all so nice and so happy and so easy to photograph, it was heaps of fun!!

These 2 are my favourite shots of the group together relaxing.  Little Mia is being swung around in the middle and she was loving every minute of it in the bottom one!!
(I always love the off centre shots too if you haven't worked that out yet hehe)

Mia was a gem and was so cute dancing around and she loved the little blue petty skirt.  I absolutely loved these shots.......

The kids together were just adorable as well.  Mia could of cuddled Khaya all day and just wanted to play.  He was just the best little boy, just big big smiles and eager and so polite, just a really nice boy.

And he loved the big lolly pop... but who wouldn't.....?!

Thanks again guys for the chance to meet and photograph such a nice family, it was an absolute pleasure..... :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Anna and Dave say "I DO" :)

I had the opportunity to help out my friend Renee Skewis when she was the photographer for Anna and Dave.  Originally, the ceremony was to be held under the trees, under the Storey Bridge but due to recent bad weather, the morning of, it was decide to move the preceedings to St Lucia University campus.  Both the bride and groom, along with their familes and all those in the bridal party, were super lovely, easy going and a pleasure to spend the day with.  We began in the hotel with the boys before heading over to the beautiful bride as she got ready....
My favourite of the lads together, such rockstars!!
The lovely Anna and her Grandmothers earrings and her mothers bag...

I think the shot on the bed is definately one of my favourites from the day.  I love how the flowers look against the deep brown from the bed spread and I love the overall colours of the shot as a whole.

I was so excited to be able to whip out the fish eye lens for a little bit of fun and a different eye.  I was sooooo impressed with how the photos turned out.  This one of Anna walking down the isle shows it all and curves in the windows on the right and the upper level to the left.  I had a lot of fun using the fish eye and think I'll try and use it more often :)

I love the top shot of Anna as she relaised everyone up above her too hehe :)

"You may now kiss the bride"...... such a beautiful moment with both having such big, happy smiles!!

More fish eye fun!!  A big kiss from her niece..... soooo cute!

I think my favourite... not sure but most definatley in the top 3 hehe!

FABulous FABulous FABulous

I didn't think much of this shot above until Renee said something about it and on a second glance, it was something I thought I could work with and the end result is something that I'm certainly rapt with!!

I just love it, such brilliant models, happy to do anything and did a better job better than we could've hoped for!!  I especially loved the location for the fish eye with all the straight lines, it was surprisingly awesome and I couldn't be happier with how I did :)

Renee working her magic with the ladies.....

Anna seriously was a stunning bride.... just stunning

It was a blast and a pleasure to be apart of Anna and Dave's big day.  Thank you to the bride and groom for allowing me to share with them and to Renee Skewis, one of the most fabulous photographer I have the honour of knowing and working with, I thank you for your continued support and valuable friendship.... you rock xx


Friday, July 1, 2011

WEEK 26 - Fun Foto Friday

We are now half way through the 52 weeks challenge and again I'm cheating (ohhh ahhhh).  I didn't technically take these photos this week but I did edit them and just fell in love with the colours.  I am a huge fan of bright and funky artwork and I really think grafitti is an awesome art style. 

I found these walls locally and am thinking about turning them into backdrops for photoshoots eventually but for now, they are just photos and I've also turned them into Canvas Art. 

My favourites are the top two on the left but I am a sucker for magenta yellow together, hence the business colours!!

Fingers crossed others like them as much as me :)


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