Life goes by way too quickly and we can easily forget the little things that make us smile or the people who make us laugh

Photography has become a huge part of my life and I believe it should be a big part of everyone’s life. Photos help remind us visually of how lucky we are to be here and how blessed we are to have people around, who love and care for us.

At Kylie Gillis Photography we specialise in capturing families of all shapes and sizes, at all stages

* pregnancy and newborns
* babies and children
* families and couples
* even pets
* we also offer WEDDING photography!

Email me today for my package prices and inclusions. We also offer packages for weddings to capture your special day!

At Kylie Gillis Photography, we believe in a relaxed approach to each photographic session to ensure the experience is unforgettable and fun, we strive to provide you with wonderful memories that will last a life time!

We prefer to shoot in the comfort and convenience of your home to help make it easy and help keep the children and animals, relaxed and secure. However we are available for travel to a pre discussed location to capture your family in other familiar surroundings.

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to meeting and photographing you, your family and pets, your engagement and wedding, your pregnancy, your birthday party, your modeling portfolio, or any other event……. If you want it photographed, we’ll shoot it!!

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Also, I have a selection of photographs and photographic products that are available to purchase, in a range of styles and sizes incorporating many different subjects and styles so there will be something there that everybody will like. And if you see something you like, please contact me for print information!!

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Friday, May 27, 2011


This is a face that is hard not to love.  Bronte is my sisters cat that I baby sat this weekend.  She is a sweet and funny little thing and even I, the hard core dog lover, have a soft spot for this little girl.  Even though she would howl and whine while we were trying to sleep and then would howl and whine much earlier than anyone wanted but would purr and rub herself all over you with a big "Good morning" yowl....

MRRRReeeeooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww :) :) :)
Brine lives on a busy road so Kara put the cat on a lead and she can explore the backyard and surrounding gardens, normally looking for a poor little lizard to de-tail!!!  Naughty girl - I did save most of them tho :)

This was her the morning we were leaving and packing up the car.  She looked just like a tiger waiting to pounce at one stage but this was her doing her best hide and seek impression!  And the middle one is her stalking after me hehe

I couldn't pick which one I liked best so this week we have 3 photos!!
Have a great weekend :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

WEEK 20 - Fun Foto Friday

I have a familiar face this week, little Dougal dog (from week 15).  He hadn't been around for a few of weeks and when he arrived on the door step on Wednesday, he was soooooo excited.  Such a cute little man and he knows I'm a big softie.  When I let him in the house, he ran around and around and around, I don't think I've ever seen a dog as excited as he was that day.  He ended up hanging out for quite some time and while I was working on the computer, he was sleeping in my lap.  Awwwwwww

We headed outside for some play time and he was more than happy to let me take some photos of him again.  I absolutely love the top two photos, especially the laying down one, he is so handsome.

Don't know when I'll get to see him again but I'll bet whenever it is, he'll be happy to see me and vice versa :)
Until next time Dougal dog............. xx

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Baby Jonathon

Back in February, I helped out my friend Renee shooting this little man, Mr Jonathon.  He wasn't having a terribly good day (upset tummy that poor mum had aswell) so I didn't think I got anything worth playing with and really didn't look too closely.  I was going through my photosw during the week and had a better look at his shoot and managed to find a couple of shots that I thought weren't too bad in the end. 

I really like this one and especially in B&W..... such a gorgeous guy :)

I know Renee went back another day when everyone was feeling better and got some lovely photos but all in all, I think these few of the little man made my morning worth while.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well, I was so close to getting this up last night so it was there on Friday for a change but blogger wouldn't load for me late last night.  Sooooo close :)  I did manage to get it up on my facebook page (Kylie Gillis Photography - FACEBOOK) with a little over an hour to spare. 
But anywho, here is week 19, the little princess Skye.

We spent some time yesterday afternoon having some photos in a little hidden spot I love with beautiful tress and nice green grass....... and (as we found out rather quickly) a mosquito breeding ground!  We managed to get a heap of clothing changes and activity changes in without so much as a wimper from Skye.  She was so well behaved and so patient with me and I'm pretty sure she had a really good time too :)

This shot was during our first set up for the afternoon.  I love this little tub chair and had a picture in my head of this very thing.  I'm really super happy with this shot and love that she is standing on her tip toes looking so adorable!!

We will be having another shoot with Skye in the next week or so and I can't wait to get some more shots.... hopefully in a less mozzie populated area!!

Special and huge thanks to Aunty Laina aswell for being so silly and such a goose, getting our princess to smile and laugh (and me too)!!

Thank you thank you thank you :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm on ....... :)

I have just created a store on with some of my canvas art panels.  The panel are all handmade by me and I have different designs and themes to suit just about everyone.  So far, I have 5 different styles up, both for kids and adults. 

I think my favourite would have to be the pencils.  I remember when I took them, I had a feeling they would be really ordinary and I had just wasted my time but to my surprise, they looked so colourful and instantly made me smile. 

Under the sea is also another favourite, the colours of the coral and the little fish swimming around give their underwater world a mysterious feel to me, like there is more going on than meets the eye!!  There's even a sea horse in one.......

Be sure to check out my store and let me know what you think!

Monday, May 9, 2011

WEEK 18 - Fun Foto Friday (ummmmm on Monday hehe)

This week's fun foto is of the sweetest, kindest, smiley-est dog I've probably ever known.  She is now eight years old and I had the pleasure of looking after her for the past week.  We walked, we talked, I laughed, she smiled a big heart warming smile every time she got lots of scratches and all in all we throughly enjoyed each other's company.
This day we took the photos, I had her positioned under a tree.  I told her to stay...... stay...... and she did, while I moved back to get her in frame.  When I lay down on the ground to change my angle, Xena lay down as well and when I came closer to her, she really started posing.  She rolled onto her side and started smiling like the perfect little model.  She made me laugh a lot during the week but this was probably the funniest thing she did.  It really was like she knew what I was doing and she was playing up for the camera to ensure I got her looking her best and cutest.

These are two different shots - the top one just catching all the glorious afternoon light while the bottom photo is her in all her beauty!!


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