Life goes by way too quickly and we can easily forget the little things that make us smile or the people who make us laugh

Photography has become a huge part of my life and I believe it should be a big part of everyone’s life. Photos help remind us visually of how lucky we are to be here and how blessed we are to have people around, who love and care for us.

At Kylie Gillis Photography we specialise in capturing families of all shapes and sizes, at all stages

* pregnancy and newborns
* babies and children
* families and couples
* even pets
* we also offer WEDDING photography!

Email me today for my package prices and inclusions. We also offer packages for weddings to capture your special day!

At Kylie Gillis Photography, we believe in a relaxed approach to each photographic session to ensure the experience is unforgettable and fun, we strive to provide you with wonderful memories that will last a life time!

We prefer to shoot in the comfort and convenience of your home to help make it easy and help keep the children and animals, relaxed and secure. However we are available for travel to a pre discussed location to capture your family in other familiar surroundings.

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to meeting and photographing you, your family and pets, your engagement and wedding, your pregnancy, your birthday party, your modeling portfolio, or any other event……. If you want it photographed, we’ll shoot it!!

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Also, I have a selection of photographs and photographic products that are available to purchase, in a range of styles and sizes incorporating many different subjects and styles so there will be something there that everybody will like. And if you see something you like, please contact me for print information!!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who Can.... Peli-Can

One over cast and drizzly day, Mark and I headed to Redcliffe to capture some pelicans.  They have always amazed me and that afternoon, they didn't let me down.  We managed to wake a sleeping pelican and he then proceeded to grunt and bark and stretch, just like a human when they wake.  Then as he streched his beak, it actually looked like someone put a stocking over his head...... It was so wierd.  I did manage to get a photo of it and am only adding it to this post simply for those curious to see what I mean.  Kinda makes me a little ill to look at it for too long.  The others however are lovely and normal!

See what I mean...... doesn't even look like a pelican!  The last photo is him after he stretched and you can see his all 'flappy' around the neck and chin I guess you could say.  Or just his mouth......

Such big and beautiful birds but they always look like they are planning something to me!!  Like the perfect time to poop so it lands on someones head!  Hehe :)

Baby Sunny Rose

A girlfriend of mine, who is a fellow photogapher, Renee Skewis, was nice enough to let me come along to a newborn shoot she had to do, of a lovely little girl called Sunny Rose.  She turned out to be quite a handful but you'd never know looking at her photos.  She was 10 days old and too cute for words.  I hadn't had a newborn little girl for my portfolio so it was a fabulous chance to snap a couple of shots without stealing Renee's client!! 
I took a lot of photos of Sunny's the older sister, Kaia and I will post more photos with her shortly but in the mean time, please say hello to a living doll

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hottest Shoes EVER!!


You can't tell me these aren't the most gorgeous shoes you've ever seen.  Those of you who know me will be wondering why 'heels' would be here.  Not that I've converted (ask my sore blistered feet) but I couldn't walk past them, excuse the pun.  I just loved the cupcakes with a skull and thought they were the hottest shoe I'd ever seen.  They are t.u.k brand heels and I got them from a shop at Lutwyche Shopping Centre.  There were many other styles and colours and they were all adorable.......  I know I'll be going back for a pair of boots soon...... now where's that credit card of mine........ :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is one of my first big orders...... I'm really excited!  This was one of my first calls from someone I didn't know who had gotten my number from a mutual friend.  I was really nervous through the whole shoot and was terrified nothing had worked and that she would be disappointed.  But as usual, I surprised myself with how good some of these shots were.  And of course, she absolutely loved all the photos.  My subject was a little heart breaker named Hayden and he is 10mths old and just gorgeous.  We set up at his place both inside, outside and across the road at a little park, doing our best to avoid the bull ants, evil little critters.  He was so easy to shoot and a pleasure to work with and I think he enjoyed himself too.  I have a few to show here and I'll have more to come. 
The first one is my pick of the shoot although I have a colour and B&W shot that comes a very close second that I'll share later.  What was the most exciting was this was my first customer to order some of my 'Canvas Art'.  Her 5 are displayed in my 'Canvas Art' page, with the centre photo sitting like a diamond.  He was a great model and an adorable boy.  Thanks Hayden:)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


This week was a fairly quiet week for me in terms of taking photos but I have been very busy on the computer on photoshop, playing around with new actions and different effects.  I feel I have accomplished very little as I don't have a lot to show visually for my week but I know I've learnt a lot and taught myself some nifty new tricks and techniques so I say I've had a win this week.  Below is the funkiest fence I've ever seen and reckon it would make a fantastic backdrop in playful portraits with a great little model.

I felt they were worth sharing!!

Next is a rose that I snapped locally in someones garden.  I loved the orange and the swirls of colour, both light and dark.  Initially, I did this up to make some 'Save the Date' cards for my sister for her wedding later in the year.  We've gone with another photo to match her wedding day colours but I think this rose deserves to stand alone.  Like I say, everyone loves a rose:)

Have a great weekend.  Until later.... click, click ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Early Mothers Day.......

Recently on a trip to mums place on the Sunshine Coast, I took some photos of her beloved cat Bruce.  We worked out he must be going on 9 years but still looks every bit like the little grey ball of fluff I found in a park in Landsborough......... must be 9 years ago now ;)  I've always thought he looks like a lion with his fluffy mane and he loves to throw himself at your feet looking for pats and adoration.

What I did was turn the photos of Bruce into my own "Canvas Art".  Here I have made 3 (5x7inch) canvas print mounted on board.  The images are orintedon canvas paper and I have mounted them by hand.  I now also have a new page in my gallery filling you in on my own personal "Canvas Art" that so far have proved to be a huge success.  As well as the 5x7inch size, I also have 4x4inch panels, which in a series of 5 look fantastic and the more there are, the better they look.  Check out my page to see more!

Anyway, I have already given these to mum as an early mother day present and she loved them but advised me not to tell the other cat Chino:)  Lots of love mum and I hope you enjoy them xx

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A family affair

Over the easter weekend Mark and I made the drive to Toowoomba to visit his niece and nephew.  Tandia is 13 and a wonderful girl so full of life.  She's really funny and she adores her uncle Mark.  Bronson is 4 and every bit the little boy.  We went for a quick walk to the park with the new puppy Bella and I snapped a few shots of the kids on the play area.

I even managed a couple of Bella when she wasn't all over me or all over the camera. 

They were all great models and it would be really good to get some shots of Tandia on her own, a little more '13' then on the kids slide and I think she would be just gorgeous....... and theres always next time :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easier second time around.......

Finally, a second installment...... long awaited for some I'm sure:)  I have been busy over the easter period, both taking photos and editing photos and I have a few to share with you today with many more to follow.

First up we have Natasha and her adorable family.  I went and took a few photos of Natasha when she was pregnant, just a week short of giving birth to bubby Ryan in early Feb.  She is one of my sisters good friends and easily one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever seen!!  I love the one with the booties...........

Just a couple of weeks ago when Ryan was just 6 weeks old (the strongest 6 weeks old I've ever met too!!) I went back a took some shots of him with big brother Josh and mum and dad.  I can say without a doubt, its the best family shot I've taken and I can't wait for Tash to see it.  The boys are too cute together and see what I mean about strong??????

These are just a few as a teaser but I've plenty more of Josh (big bro) when we went outside and played with the balls so I post some more later but I hope you like these:)

Next we have a spiders web that was outside our unit that I took one morning a few weeks ago when we'd had a light morning rain.  I didn't even see the spider to start with because all I could see was this incredible whirl pool that was sparkling from the rain and the sun.  I really love these shots even tho when it comes to spiders, I'm a massive skirt!!

So thats just some of what I've been working on in the past week or so plus there will be others to follow.  I've got some nice shots of my partner Marks niece and nephew and with his sister and their new puppy as well as some pussy cat shots.
So until later........ click, click ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's my first time..... be gentle!

Hi and welcome to my brand new blog all about me and my up and coming photography business, kylie gillis PHOTOGRAPHY.  Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to my aunty Pam who helped me through the initial steps of creating and maintaining a blog, which was a foreign and scary idea to me.  Without her help, I'd still be scratching my head saying.......'what...??!!'.  So thank you Pam xx 
Next I'll work out how to link your blog to mine......... hhhmmmmmmmmm  :)

kylie gillis PHOTOGRAPHY will be all about capturing you and your family in comfortable, familiar surroundings to create natural, high quality images, reflecting the relationships you share with the people and pets you love.  I will also be offering a selection of 'miscellaneous' and 'in the garden' images, of all sorts of things that catch my eye, for purchase in prints and in canvas.  I also have special canvases that I assemble myself to create a funky new look so keep an eye out for them.  I will be posting a price list soon for those of you who find something a little special for yourselves or a gift for someone else.

So far I have added pages containing some of my favourite images and a few examples of wedding photography, baby and children photography, couples and pet photography.  For those of you interested in having some photos of the family or just the kids, or those who'll be entering the world of matrimony, this is a chance to have a quick look at what sort of things I can do.  I've got some more photos to add shortly too from a couple of other shoots including a pregnancy shoot.

I hope you enjoy looking through my photos and reading my blog.  I also have photos you can view at flickr under kylie gillis PHOTOGRAPHY.  And if you have any questions, queries or comments, please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you :)

Until later.......  click, click :)


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